Sunday, January 16, 2011

Your bright shining Innocence...

Your bright shining Innocence shines forever in the glory of your Divine true beingness! Whatever you believe you've done to others or others have done to you, your Innocence has been kept safe within the Divine Truth of your being and forever stays untouched... You are Love, and everyone else is... and who can look upon Love and not see its gentle loveliness... And who can look upon Love and still perceive the wrongs you thought you saw only a moment ago? Therefore look upon your brother with the eyes of Love, look upon yourself, this world, and all that you see with the eyes of Love, so you may remember the truth of Love once again, so you may see the truth of who-you-are reflected back at you in all that you see! So you may for once and for all be the witness of the world how God created it: A Divine Masterpiece of Love & Light!!!! A true Heaven on Earth! Remember your Innocence... and the world and all that is in it will show itself to you... and for the first time you can see, truly see: Love... ♥

Eline Adrienne c. 2011

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