Saturday, January 15, 2011

a Goddess...

A Goddess;
A woman who totally accepts her creative power,
respecting herself at all times,
never giving in at her own cost,
but without a trace of arrogance
still being able to show compassion,
kindness and Love towards ALL things!!!
Her creativity is endless, just like her beauty.
Her innocence is read in her eyes,
which are filled with the wisdom of her heart.
Her heart is connected with her Creator,
the Source of her existence.
Her playfulness is shown in all of her loving creations
which are expressions of fun, JOY and laughter.

..still I am who I always have been: LOVE, BEAUTY AND INNOCENCE...
The Goddess that is what I am, and that is what I radiate into this world...
Yes, this is me... and I enJOY living it!!!!

elineadrienne c.2010

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