Thursday, January 27, 2011

The end of the dream

The dream of hell, I leave behind me.
The illusion of separateness, I do no longer cherish.
Not anymore.
The gifts of this world no longer satisfy me.
Never again.
The idols I worshipped, hold no power.
I withdrew my belief in them.
The littleness of my false self, I look at it and smile:
for its not real;
and I know…

Letting go of all the things that were never real in the first place,
enables the world of Heaven to shine through…
To shine, like a brilliant, magnificent, all-loving and all-knowing Light,
A light that heals all wounds, as my false self can no longer exist; as its imminent darkness can no longer hold ground being exposed in the Light of this immense beauty of radiant Love!
My little self, 
it just falls off me,
falls off me,
like a cloak that no longer fits me;
an image that no longer “suits” me;
a skin that I outgrew…
It was right to be where I have been,
for in this seemingly meaningless “place”,
something meaningful happened;
happened inside of me.
In me: the seed of awareness grew,
the seed that finally enabled me to choose,
to become aware of the choice,
to make the choice,
the choice to LET GO.

I first had to understand the dream of hell 
before I was able to escape it;
to truly know that this is a world of justice
without the innocence of childhood,
is to be free.

In this place of ripening,
something beautiful happened…
….as the “shell of transformation” falls off me;
the most beautiful being ever beholden emerges from the Light which it carries inside of her…
The birth of the butterfly!!!!
Awaken and Alive!!!!!

Yes, indeed…
 I was only waiting for this moment to arrive…

"There is no doubt that we will become the person we were meant to be."

Eline Adrienne © 2007

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  1. I thought it was time for some poetry. :)
    Here is a poetic expression of a deeply transcendent transformation....
    written some years ago.