Saturday, December 15, 2012


In honor of ALL the Beautiful Angels of Sandy Hook Elementary School 

I Believe with ALL OF MY HEART that this is what the ANGEL~CHILDREN who are in HEAVEN would want to say to us...

...a message for those who are open for their message of kinship and brotherhood for humankind:

Love is so simple, it is only in your eyes it seems to be the most complicated “thing” to deal with ever.
Only when you see the difference between true Divine unconditional love and what the ego understands by “love”, you learn to associate “ego-based love” with the kind of complications you are so familiar with, and the “true-Self  Divine unconditional love” with the “simple” we are referring to.
Divine unconditional love is the recognition that you are Love, and because of that you love.
Very simple: how can you do anything else than “love” if that is what you ARE! It is the most natural thing to do, doesn’t that make sense????

So if you love someone, you honor who you are, you are true to yourself.
Even if some person does something that seems to upset you, you are not gonna hate or resent that person for that, because, simply that is so “unlike love”.
Love recognizes that that person only acts “unloving”, because he forgot the Truth of who he is: Love.
If he would be aware of that, he would also “just love”, because that would be the most natural way to “just be”… 

Therefore it is most natural for us to forgive one another.
Because forgiveness means: being true to who you are.
If you are Love, feelings of unforgiveness would be blocks in expressing your true Divine Nature.
And expressing your true Divine Nature is exactly that which gives you such a good happy joyful and exhilarating feeling of HAPPINESS!!!

So why would you yourself choose to be in your own way of feeling good????

It is not a matter of if that other person is “deserving” of your forgiveness.
Forgiveness is an act of kindness towards yourself because now you are to continue your “feeling good-feeling”, and also towards your brother, as you help him to remember his own perfection.
To keep accusing him of “his wrong-doings” only keeps him in the dream of his “imperfection”.
Whilst if he would remember just like you, how perfect and wonderful he is, he would not do those things any more, for he would only love, recognizing that is what he is.
And accusing him of his wrongdoings ensures him only of his “unlovingness”, and actually moves him further away of his true state of being which is Love.
Therefore see forgiveness not as the answer to the “unforgivable wrongdoings”, but see it as a means to keep your “own happiness” and the invitation for your brother towards his.
After all, you and your brother are One, and his being disconnected with Love affects your state of being of Love as well, unless you are able to see him for who he really is, a being of Love and Light. For how you see the things outside yourself, reflect how you think about yourself.
If you see your brother as a “wrong-doer” you can not see yourself as holy, for if you did, if you did see yourself as a holy reflection of Love, you could not see him at the same time as a “wrongdoer” for Love would see the Truth, and the Truth about that other person is that he also, just like you, is an awesome holy reflection of the Love that comes from our Creator.
So seeing him as a “wrong-doer” condemns you yourself with it, do you understand what this means?
In order to maintain your state of being “being connected with Love”, you need to see you brother as Love as well, since you are One.
This truly means: love another as thyself .
It is our gift to the world that we keep on believing in the goodness of mankind, for goodness is the reflection of Love, and Love is the Truth.”

© 2012 Eline Adrienne

Life is simple.
Love is simple.
Children show us the way.

In deep gratitude for ALL THE CHILDREN that shine their LOVE so unconditionally into this world. ❤