Sunday, May 22, 2011

FREEDOM to receive the Love you deserve...

Angelic guidance to release any negative feelings from past love-relationships & towards former lovers...

The angels are wonderful helpers to HEAL any area of your life; including your Love~life.
Simply ask for their help and be open to receive it, which ALWAYS leads to MIRACULOUS results!
Be open and be ready for MIRACLES changing your Life in UNDREAMED-OF ways!

If you are tired of carrying around this heavy burden of hurtful memories, this deep-seated agony -the price of "unforgiveness"- the Angels have a simple solution.
The angels encourage you to just let go of it all and make way for the NEW.
A New Love-relationship that honors you, nurtures you, delights you...
Inspires, satisfies, electrifies, sparks, REJOICES & EXCITES you in each and every possible way!
You DO deserve the BEST!
And only that which serves your highest good is GOOD ENOUGH!
So... are you READY to let go of all that is in the way of what YOU YOURSELF DESIRE SO DEEPLY within yourself; namely to be FREE of anything that pulls you down,
anything that prevents you from LIVING IN BLISS,
anything that keeps you away from what is your Sacred Birthright,
which is to
FREELY express your Love without limitation,
and to receive it without restriction, reservation, condition or claim.
To truly SHARE Love,
to truly LOVE,
to truly BE LOVED.

You are one choice away from the FREEDOM that you desire,
and from the LOVE that is ready to FLOW into your Life as a consequence of your CHOICE to Let go.
ONE choice.
ONE simple "little" decision...
with BIG consequences indeed.
It is up to YOU.
So what are you WAITING for???...

ONLY you are able to set yourself FREE.
The moment you fully realize this, you have found your answer.
The KEY to your Freedom.
Because the moment you fully realize this,
you see the senselessness of waiting for what you want so dearly yet another moment longer...
Because all this time that you DID,
was only because you were waiting for somebody

Eline Adrienne c. 2011

May Love inspire you... ❤

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pain; the price you pay for your sins?...

This piece I was inspired to write after reading
today's post on Paulo Coelho's blog 
Being the rebel-spirit and teacher he is, he probably wrote this to evoke within us a feeling that somehow reminds us that what is written here simply cannot be the way to truth. As it sparks within us the Light of Remembrance that beyond any need to proof, explain, or justify, awakens a Truth that simply IS
Being "confronted" with statements that go against everything you know with all your heart, is an opportunity for us to listen to our strong inner feelings that stem from the deep place within us where Truth resides. To listen to and honor these feelings that stem from the place where the Voice of Truth can be heard.  It is in this place of inner peace, of deep-seated Happiness and JOY that you find all the answers to your questions, and it is this place within you, that guides you towards the Happiness that is yours, the Happiness that is your birthright, your Divine inheritance; as you awaken to Love and open up to receive God's gift of Love...

The truth is simple: God's will for us is Happiness. And by being Happy we join our will with God's, which in truth is ONE. To believe that inflicting pain is a way to find the Truth, is to believe that God is something He is not. God is Love, and we are created in His image and likeness.  What we believe ourselves to be (to be sinful, unworthy and unlovable) cannot UNDO what God created for eternity; for illusions cannot replace the Truth. We are -still- as God created us. When we close our eyes for the Truth we "turn away from the Light" and with that we experience a reality of darkness. This is the dark dream of fear the mind dreams when it believes (falsely believes) it is separate from Love. Pain, suffering, misery and fear are all part of this dark dream and the ONLY way to "undo" all this.... is to WAKE UP.
To wake up from this dark dream of fear and REMEMBER THE TRUTH. 

To turn one's back on something is to deny it; to reject, to abandon, to forsake it.
To believe in pain as a price for our sins is to deny the Truth that God is Love, God is Light, God is Life. Which is the "cause" of all suffering and pain in the first place as the moment we turned our back on Love we entered the dream of hell.
Truth is simple: God is Love. And God's will for us is Happiness.
Truth is simple: Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.
Truth is simple: Wake up and be free.
Free from the dream of fear,
Free from all pain and suffering,
Free to receive God's gift of Love,
and be happy...
Free to be...

Again... Truth is simple: God can only be remembered in the Light...
Turn your face to the Light,
as you open your eyes...
and gently behold Love
as it washes away all you thought was real...
as it wipes away your tears,
and let them be replaced by tears of JOY,
because the Son,
has come Home....
at last...

© 2011 Eline Adrienne