Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Angels, God's gift of Love

Angels are with us by our side. ALWAYS. Do you understand what that means... it means that we are NEVER alone. NEVER. Just remembering this can be enough to lift us up whenever we feel low, whenever we for some reason lost our JOY along the way... JOY is our natural state of being, and when we do not feel good it is always for one reason: we lost our connection to Love. In truth you always ARE connected to Love, but when you lose your awareness of your Eternal connection to Source, you experience a reality in which you feel disconnected from Source, from Love, from Life itself. From each and everything, from each and everyone, from All-that-is, from... yourself. When you experience yourself being separate from Love, you've forgotten Love, you've forgotten yourself, for without the remembrance of Love you do not know who you are. In this state of being you feel lost, fearful and afraid. If only then you would remember that powerful Angels are by your side forever showering you with Heavenly Love, it would be impossible to feel alone... When you remember that you are not alone, the feeling of separateness subsides, and it is this feeling of separateness that causes the deep pain from being "disconnected" from Love.
In the ignorance of your true beingness, it is only logical that you experience a reality in which you feel separateness. Just like being aware of your Divine true nature, it is only logical that you experience the reality of Oneness, the Universal reality of Love, Heaven on Earth. When you feel anything less than happy, it means that you traded the reality of Heaven for your self-created reality outside the Oneness, the reality that only exists within your mind. When you experience this reality based on fear, you feel alone, separate from Love, you do not know who you are... Remembering then that in truth you are not alone, even though that is how you feel, shines the Light of awareness within your mind, illuminating the darkness. Remembering you are not alone, helps you to connect with Love, with your Source, with yourself... Being One with Love, that is your ultimate state of being. It is experiencing the Bliss of Foreverbeinglove. It also is your natural state of being. Sometimes we get caught up in the things of our life that seem ever-important and then we lose our natural sense of well-being. It is good to know that you are not alone, that when you find it hard to re-connect to Love yourself, that you can ask for help... Heaven's help.
Angels, are God's gift of Love. Heavenly messengers forever to be by our side. They are with us, every step of the way, they offer Guidance to help you follow the path of your heart, the path of JOY, your way towards the ultimate Happiness that is your Divine inheritance, the ultimate Happiness, the Happiness you are blessed with being born from Love. Heavenly "messengers" because they carry the message of Love within themselves, they are the bright shining examples of Love that are able to "uncover" your illusionary reality of fear by mirroring your own greatness, reminding you of the bright shining Love within yourself... When you have forgotten yourself, they remember who you are, ALWAYS. They are reflections of the unconditional Love that God has for you, and they are here to remind you of the Love within yourself.
When you remember Love, you know who you are, and you can never lose your way. And when you somehow do get caught up in fearful illusions because you've forgotten the Love that is everywhere, Angels are here right by your side forever showering you with Heavenly Love, reminding you that you are not alone. Angels who know the way because they know who you are. They help you find your way into JOY by helping you re-find yourself.
Remembering Love is the only way to "escape" illusions. Angels are here to show you the way, by showing you Love, by showing you yourself...that you may remember once again the greatness of your own being... the greatness of God's gift of Love, right within yourself...

Eline Adrienne c. 2010

(image: Archangel Sandalphon  by Glenyss Bourne)