Monday, January 3, 2011


2011 a NEW YEAR... A NEW BEGINNING... A perfect moment to honor and to remember to celebrate new beginnings.
Life is a wonderful journey of discovering the JOY within each present moment. Love is ever-present and to experience Love is to discover the "JOY of being" each moment of your fortunate life.
When you understand that you are a creator just like God, you understand that life is all about new beginnings! Because your innate desire is to ever-expand into greater heights of JOY and Bliss, you are constantly moving towards a new and expanded awareness of who-you-truly-are; a greater, deeper, more profound experience of Love than ever before. The Love that you are, the Love that is everywhere!
It is helpful then to realize that leaving behind the "old" is but an essential part of the joyful process of opening up to the new beginnings that are calling you. The new beginnings that hold the actual promise of new heights of JOY, Love and Happiness!
How liberating then it is to let go, if you know that it truly means "Welcoming the New!" To know what is really taking place is the Divine unfolding of your life exactly as you want it! A delightful, exhilarating journey into the Bliss of Foreverbeinglove!
A new year, a new beginning... Celebrate it wholeheartedly... knowing its true meaning....
A life full of JOY, Love and Happiness is calling you...
-Say YES TO IT!!!!

eline adrienne c. 2011

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