Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Remember who you are.
Remember your amazing being,
haven't you forgotten the way to Live in the Light is to remember???
to remember you magnificence,
your splendor,
your glory,

You are a Divine being of Love & Light,
where else can you be but in Heaven???
It is time to open your eyes,
and wake up from your dream of darkness,
a fearful dream in which you believe you are something else than the Love which you are,
a fearful dream in which you believe that the world is a place of darkness,
a place in which your fear being alive...
Can't you see that the darkness you see outside yourself is but merely a reflection of the darkness you falsely believe exists within yourself???
Dear child,
if only you could see your glory,
your beauty,
your bright shining Light of Love,
the splendor of your being.

For once and for all
make yourself the promise:
"I never ever ever ever again doubt the true Nature of this thriving Universe,
this Love-filled, Love-based place where only goodness exists,
this glorious, amazing, magnificent Universe where only good things happen,
only and nothing but good..."

When you will remember your own beingness,
when your for once and for all let go of the false idea of self,
and for the first time become the witness of your own "amazingness",
and see yourself as God sees you...
your renewed vision
will open your eyes for the world around you,
and for the very first time you can see,
where you are...

Eline Adrienne © 2012

It is time for everyone who is ready, to shed your cloak of fear, of guilt, of "unworthiness" which creates a false sense of suffering as it hides the Light of your true being from your awareness. All distractions "created" in your mind stemming from the fear to look upon oneself and see yourself.
Only afraid to see the splendor of your true being...

"NEVER BE AFRAID AGAIN, to look at yourself, and see the Brilliance of your Being, your Divine Light, the Essence of who-you-truly-are...."

With Love,