Monday, April 25, 2011

The time of Easter, a time of JOY!

Remember to Celebrate…

This Easter remember to celebrate! Celebrate your Innocence; your Innocence which IS and forever will be! 
You are Love, created by God Himself.
Seeing your Brother who is like yourself cloaked in guilt as your eyes are covered with the dark veil of unforgiveness, can’t undo what God created as Himself. Forever changeless His Love is; the Love He is and will forever be.
Seeing sin instead of Innocence can’t hide the Light of His true Beingness.
Seeing guilt rest upon what God created as perfect and wholly pure can’t stop His loveliness from shining through…
Seeing His being smeared with the stains of sin can’t extinguish the Light of His Innocence; the Innocence of God’s Son! 

To see Him collapse under the weight of His burden, is to be blind to His Strength, which is God’s, which has the power to overcome all illusions, and rise from the death!
The risen Son of God has awakened to reality and forever escaped the dream of fear!
This is a time of JOY and Celebration as He shows us the way out of the darkness, by showing us only Love is real. The way out of the darkness, into the Light we return to ourselves and remember our Innocence.
Forgiveness opens your eyes to the truth that only Love is real. Forgiveness lifts the veil of darkness and as you look upon your Brother… for the first time… you see the face of Christ shining through. 
For the eyes of Love look past all illusions, beholding only that which God created… 
Easter is the Celebration of Love, the return to Innocence… remembering only Love is real.

Nothing can obscure the Beauty of God’s Son, nothing can obscure what God has meant for all to see: The bright shining Light of Innocence, 
the radiant Light of Love,
shining in full splendor 
the glory of His beloved Son. 

as you return to yourself;
…come Home
into the blazing Light of Love,
and forever SHINE with HIM, the risen Christ,
shining for all to see:
the Glory of your being,
the Glory of Love!

your Brother is looking at you for His release…
for His beloved Son…
is you.

© 2011 Eline Adrienne

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